Here are a couple of highlights from the projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on over the last three and a half years.

Fairtrade London, London is officially the word’s largest Fairtrade city with 22 of London’s 33 boroughs on-board making London an inspiration for fairer trade for people and the planet.

Over Fairtrade Fortnight 2009 we went bananas smashing the World Record for eating the largest amount of Fairtrade bananas across the UK in a 24 hour period. In London I coordinated an incredible 24 events, across 24 boroughs in 24 hours, ending in a flash mob in Trafalgar Square which spread nationwide awareness and made it onto BBC London News amongst other local and national press coverage.


I also worked on the launch of the very first Fairtrade certified cosmetics in the UK with Boots, Neal’s Yard, Lush, Bubble & Balm and Essential Care, bringing beauty products with gorgeous cocoa butter, shea nut butter and brazil nut oil the stamp benefiting disadvantaged producers across the world!

PLANEAT, a feature documentary exploring how the ways in which we eat in the developed world affects our health and our planet. Executively produced by Christopher Hird who has worked on a range of documentaries that really make us reassess the ways in which we live such as Black Gold, The End of the Line, Pig Business and Just Do It.

I managed the website and built an online community in the US and UK, building relationships with journalists and NGOs such as WWF and Meat Free Monday #mfm, raising the profile of the film and the campaign to eat a less resource intensive diet.


LBi, Europe’s largest digital marketing and technology agency. A key part of the social media team I worked with a range of clients helping them make the leap into the digital age. I set up and community managed branded communities, bringing the first premium beer brand to Tumblr and penned the weekly social media blog, LBiq.

(Kristian Schuller)

I’ve worked with Dalston FARM:Shop on a range of events and social media updates. I’ve also had the pleasure of working with Tristram Stuart on the food waste campaign, Feeding the 5,000.

Social Media Week London 2012 also kept me busy. You can see some of my highlights on Storify I curated from the 180 plus events which took place over the week.

(Adrian Brooks)

Brandwatch kindly put together a great infographic with the twelve cities which simultaneously took part in Social Media Week 2012. London made the most noise over Twitter with 31% of the buzz, with New York close behind. There were around 50000 tweets in London alone.

(Brandwatch 2012)

See what I’ve been up to most recently.


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